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23th edition of Lupatotissima
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History since 1995


Since 1995 on the "Nino Mozzo" Municipal Athletics Track of San Giovanni Lupatoto, in the province of Verona, takes place a 24 hours mazi-even, a kind of long- athletics meeting : this is the LUPATOTISSIMA! 


The Municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto is only 8 km south from the center of Verona and includes the villages of Pozzo , Camacici and Raldon . You can easily visit the world-class attractions of Verona, such as the Arena, the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, Piazza Erbe, Piazza Bra, Castel San Pietro, the Castelvecchio bridge, the Agricultural Fair, Vinitaly, Horse Fair, the lake Garda and one of the amusement parks ii among the most beautiful in the world , Gardaland.


The Lupatotissima is organized by G.S.D. Mombocar " Riso San Marco " and the Municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto. The municipal administration there isn't a sort of simple patronage, as usually happens, but a real constant and active presence in the organization of a very complex and challenging event.


The GSD Mombocar is one of the most famous jogging clubs in Verona and Italy for having organized and collaborated on several initiatives, also at international level. Among the most important competitions organized there are the Sgambada de San Giuseppe, the Grand Prix Santa Croce, Half Marathon of Verona and the revival of the Palio del Drappo Verde of Verona, the oldest running race in the world with its 599 editions already until 2016. In the second half of the 90th, the reputation of Mombocar had a sharp rise thanks to the businesses of its athlete more representative of the time, Rosanna Pellizzari who won in 1997 and 1998 one of the best extreme ultramarathon races and fascinating in the world, the Marathon des Sables in Morocco.


The Lupatotissima was born in 1995 picking up an historic event for Verona , the Staffettissima SCM 24x1ora. The first editions of Lupatotissima were entirely dedicated precisely to relay race 24x1hour and non - competitive race on Sunday morning initially called " Ritornemo a corer a San Giovanni" then called StraLupatoto since 1999.


The relay race 24 x 1 hour is a non-stop relay race race lasting 24 hours, in the calendar of the CSI, which has seen over the years to participate, in addition to the Verona club, even some of the strongest runners companies in the Veneto and regions nearby. In 2012 it reached the highest number of relay team participants: 33. Every men team consists of 24 athletes, each of which runs for 1 hour. At the end of each hour it takes place the striking phase of the shift, in which the factionist of each team must take over - with the touch of the hand - to his mate that will detect it for the next hour. At the end of the 24 hours will win the team that has scored the highest number of laps. Women's teams and the municipal representative for several years consist of 12 members. With the constant scanning of the latter, by the speakers of the event Masola Franco and Fabio Rossi, the public thronged to the edges of the track follows applauding the final sprint of the last runners, controlled in the very last seconds of the CSI judges, who will then measure meters walked the last lap until the final shot of the 24 hours.


To understand a little more the intensity of the day for the people of Verona, just think that the best team performance of all time in Italy, more than 453 kilometers was achieved precisely in Verona by the team of San Martino B.A. the hourly average of km. 18.879. Since 2000, the participation has been extended to relay teams composed of municipal representative. Representative Municipal vie for the Trophy of Commons, while the other teams compete for the trophy "Adalberto Discotto alla memoria" to remember a great figure of Sport and the CSI, died in the spring of 2001.

In the 1998 arrived the "ultramaratoneti". The Lupatotissima opened in 1998 to the ultra marathon world by introducing the races of 100 km and 24 individual hours: in the first three interior lanes takes place the Relay race 24x1ora, in the three outer lanes, from the fourth onward, are played Ultramarathon races. In particular was the individual 24 hours to attract the attention of local and national media, perhaps the suggestion created by the hard work of the athletes, the charm of the night, from small events that occur in the tents of assistants, stroke sleep, tears of fatigue and joy, but it is difficult to summarize in a few words the 24 hours race. With the passing years also came the national athletes of the Italian team and international athetes, thanks to the positions held by the secretary of Mombocar Scevaroli within Italian Ultramarathon and Trail Associatio, called IUTA. Thanks to the intervention of the President and founder of the IUTA - the journalist and statistician Franco Ranciaffi - and good intercompany relations with the leaders of the IAU (the association that coordinates the ultramarathon in the world on behalf of the IAAF), in particular with the President (Campbell) and the vice president (Stenger), the Mombocar has had the opportunity to host an exhibition European of 24 hours on the track in 1999. In 2001 Mombocar organized the first edition of the world championship of 24 hour ultra-marathon. In 1999, 2000, and 2001 many athletes parteciped to the race, like as the greek Yiannis Kouros (still the world record holder in men with 303.506 kilometers), the Russian Irina Reutovich (until then world women's record holder with 242.624 km) and Hungarian Edit Berces (then fresh world champion of 100 km in the Netherlands in 2000.

In 2001, Lupatotissima was, also, the Italian Championship of the 100 km on the road for the Masters categorie. It was the only occasion that the Ultramarathon race organized during the Lupatotissima had a part of the track outside the stadium.

In 2002 it happened something truly extraordinary: Edit Berces wanted to return to San Giovanni Lupatoto to beat the record of the female world of 24 hours and she succeeded beyond the wall of 250 km of 106 meters. In the same edition Antonio Mazzeo won among men.

In 2003 the Lupatotissima had the honor to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the world's male primacy of 100 km of relay race of the Scottish atlethet Ritschie, he was guest for a few days in San Giovanni Lupatoto. Some of the best athletes in the world partecipated at this edition of the Lupatotissima and was named "Stars under the stars". It was truly a stellar 100 km, with the victory and the new world record of 7 hours and 14 minutes 5 seconds in female category by the Japanese Norimi Sukarai. Furthermore nine national records were achieved on the track, including those new Italian record by Mario Ardemagni (winner among men in 6 hours 41 minutes 48 seconds) and Paola Sanna (at 8 hours 26minutes 19 seconds). Monica Casiraghi also obtained another national record with 3 hours 39 minutes 6 seconds on the 50km race which thus became the tenth national record beaten.

In 2006 Lupatotissima was the IAU European Championship of the 24 hours, with the victories of the Russian Irina Koval (229.452 kilometers) and countryman Vladimir Bychkov (254.774 km), while among Italians in blue shirt Mammoli Antonio arrived third and therefore bronze medal, which represented the first medal awarded by an Italians in the history of 24 hours.

To conclude this important chapter, here are the primates of the event :

staffetta 24x1h men GP Pier Sport Calzature Peron Tencarola PD 425,281 km 2004

staffetta 24x1h woman Rappr. femminile Verona - Amighini 312,519 km 1996

staffetta 24x1h comuni Verona Bentegodi Oxyburn 386,958 km 2003

staffetta 12x1h woman Atletica Lupatotina Turbo Lupe 154,706 km 2014

staffetta 12x1h comuni Comune di San Giovanni Lupatoto 167,774 km 2013

men fractionist Korir Hillary 19,931 km 2004

woman fractionist Disconzi Stefania 16,173 km 2004

100 km man Ardemagni Mario 6h 41:48,6 2003

100 km woman Sakurai Norimi (JPN) 7h 14:05,8 2003

24 hours man Kouros Yiannis (GRE) 275,828 km 2001

24 hours woman Berces Edit (HUN) 250,106 km 2002

50 km man Fattore Mario 3h 04:23,9 2003

50 km woman Sakurai Norimi (JPN) 3h 33:23,3 2003

12 hours man Montagner Stefano 129,144 km 2009

12 hours woman Valdo Sara 107,152 km 2014

6 men fractionist Ardemagni Mario 90,400 km 2003

6 ore hours woman Sakurai Norimi (JPN) 83,200 km 2003


“But Lupatotissima is not only competitive spirit”


With to the help of many friends , several associations and local volunteer forces, Lupatotissima has created other events .

A prestigious award the " LUPETTO D'ORO " is assigned since 1998 to the Italian athlete who has achieved distinction in one of the individual races, by a prestigious jury made ​​up of the directors of the main national sports magazines and some qualified journalists or local and national experts. Since 2001 is also assigned a specific Special " LUPETTO ROSA " between the female athletes. In recent years the jury has extended the possibility to assign these awards also leaders and associations to sporting merit acquired over time .

The collaboration with IUTA allowe to organized in several editions the GALA of the Italian Ultramarathon, with the presence and awarding of famous people, from among the athletes and leaders who have written important Italian dell'Ultramarathon pages .

Since the birth of the Lupatotissima jogging groups of San Giovanni Lupatoto organized a non - competitive race in the sunday morning when the Lupatotissima it is in progress, initially called "Come back to run in San Giovanni " and then renamed STRALUPATOTO in 1999, and that sometimes have over 3,000 runners, which are divided over multiple paths, the longest of which runs through the Adige Park and the particular area called " Savana " .

The Lupatotissima was matched to the numerous activities carried out by his friend Piero Armani, currently the Alba Association's guide that has as its primary objective to sensitize the public awareness of cystic fibrosis disease and particularly for economically support the development of important projects in Belarus related to the care of this disease (treatment centers, hospitals, first support for families, drugs, etc. ). From 2003 to 2013 the Lupatotissima also organized the RELAY OF HOPE, addressed to students to promote the sport and to stimulate and educate the boys to raise awareness towards solidarity.

----------- Note

Before the 24 hours of Lupatotissima, there were other 24-hour races, but only on the road, such as:
- The 24 Hours of Gonars Friuli (ten editions from 1982 to 1991 - essentially a non-competitive, however, with the unofficial rankings);
- The 24 Hours of Castiglione Fiorentino (Province of Arezzo) organized by Renato Menci (8 editions 1996-2003).
There were also individual participation to some Staffette 24x1ora; The Relays were very fashionable in the years 1980-90, especially in Lombardy.
But the Lupatotissima was the first 24 hours race on the track and was the longest (elderly) in Italy between 24 hours on the track (10 editions disputatesi 1998-20011).


A similar case can be made for 100 km only for longevity, as it was held for 10 times (1998 to 2013 included). There were in fact exceptions that preceded the 100 km of Lupatotissima, in the 100 km of track specialties, such as Bologna (1982-83-84) and Turin (1988).

Stefano Scevaroli

August 2015