Maps of the Ultramarathon course 2019 (24-12-6h)

In 2019 the race course will be expanded to half road and will be certified again by the FIDAL

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Details race 6-12-24h Ultramaraton


Saturday 14/9


ore 8.30    Opening Plant of Athletics SAN GIOVANNI LUPATOTO

ore 8.30   Race pack and technical equipment pick-up Ultramarathon 6/12/24 hours (up to 30 minutes before the respective departure)

ore 10.15   Call 24h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 10.30   Start 24h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 13.00   First Plate (1) (Pasta) (until 15:00) (for Ultra 24h + 12/24h relay)

ore 13.15   Call 6h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 13.30   Start 6h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 19.30   First Plate (2) (Pasta) (until 21:30) (for Ultra 6/24h + Relay 6/12/24h) (Gazebo Ultramarathon)

ore 19.30   Arrival 6h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 20.45   Awards ceremony of 6h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 22.15   Call 12h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 22.30    Start 12h Ultramarathon Athletes


Sunday 23/9


ore 3.00   First plate (3) (Pasta) for assistants and athletes 12 and 24 hours Ultramatona (Ultramarathon Gazebo)

ore 10.30   Arrival 12h and 24h Ultramarathon Athletes

ore 11.00   First course (Final risotto) until 12:00 (for Ultra 12/24h + 12/24h relay) (Kitchen)

ore 11.00   Technical meeting of the jury of the Lupetto for the choice of winners (press area)

ore 11.30   Awards ceremony “LUPETTO d’oro” and “LUPETTO rosa”

ore 12.15   Awards ceremony 12h and 24h Ultramarathon Athletes