GSD Mombocar is preparing, in collaboration with Fidal, the text of the NEW RULES of the 24-hour Ultramarathon race, based on the FIDAL protocol (anti Covid-19) of 30 July 2020.

New Approval Rules (italian)

Canceled the EUROPEO 2020 championship of 24 hours on the road, the open race remains scheduled.

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The 26th edition of Lupatotissima will be host of the European Championship 2020 of 24 hours on the road.

The 25th edition of Lupatotissima will be for the first time host the Italian Fidal 2019 Championship of 24 hours on the road.

History since 1995


Since 1995 on the "Nino Mozzo" Municipal Athletics Track of San Giovanni Lupatoto, in the province of Verona, takes place a 24 hours mazi-even, a kind of long- athletics meeting : this is the LUPATOTISSIMA! 

The Municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto is only 8 km south from the center of Verona and includes the villages of Pozzo , Camacici and Raldon . You can easily visit the world-class attractions of Verona, such as the Arena, the balcony of Romeo and Juliet, Piazza Erbe, Piazza Bra, Castel San Pietro, the Castelvecchio bridge, the Agricultural Fair, Vinitaly, Horse Fair, the lake Garda and one of the amusement parks ii among the most beautiful in the world , Gardaland.

The Lupatotissima is organized by G.S.D. Mombocar " Riso San Marco " and the Municipality of San Giovanni Lupatoto. The municipal administration there isn't a sort of simple patronage, as usually happens, but a real constant and active presence in the organization of a very complex and challenging event ..... (read the whole article)