18 and 19 September – 27th edition


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24-12-6 h Ultramarathon

Relay 24-12-6x1h

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Saturday 18th September 2021

8.30 am         opening of the “Adolfo Consolini” athletics track.

9.45 am         appeal to athletes participating in the 24 hours.

10.00 am       start of the 24-hour race.

12.45 am       appeal to athletes participating in the 6 hours.

1.00 pm         start of the 6-hour race.

7.00 pm         conclusion of the 6-hour race.

8.30 pm         award ceremony of 6-hour race.

9.45 pm         appeal to athletes participating in the 12 hours.

10.00 pm       start of the 12-hour race.


Sunday 19th September 2021

10.00 am       conclusion of the 12-hour Ultramarathon.

10.00 am       conclusion of the 24-hour Ultramarathon.

11.30 am        award ceremony of 12-hour race.

11.45 am        award ceremony of 24-hour race.


From entering the athletics facility, all people must comply with the anti-Covid provisions indicated in the RULES of the event. Each person will be sent or given a map, which will indicate the locations of all available services and the ideal routes to reach them. In particular, athletes and assistants, throughout the pre-race and post-race, must always respect the social distancing measures provided for by current legislation.










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