18 and 19 September – 27th edition


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24-12-6 h Ultramarathon

Relay 24-12-6x1h

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24-12-6 x 1 hour RELAY



Unfortunately, the 24-12-6 x 1 hour Relay will not be able to take place in 2021, due to the pandemic, as happened in 2020.


The main peculiarity of the Relay, most appreciated by the clubs, has always been the aggregation, together with the goliardic spirit experienced by athletes and managers.


The restrictions provided for by current legislation and the individual attention that the pandemic has brought to society would effectively nullify the spirit behind the Relay.


If the IAU confirms the assignment of the European Championship to the 24-hour Ultramarathon in 2022, the Relay will unlikely be set up in 2022. Our general forecast is to return to add the 24-12-6 x 1 hour Relay in the program of the 2023 edition. Otherwise the restart of the Relay races will be brought forward to the 2022 edition.




















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