18 and 19 September – 27th edition


general program

24-12-6 h Ultramarathon

Relay 24-12-6x1h

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VERONA City awaits you







The LUPATOTISSIMA changes dress in 2021,

hosted by the City of VERONA.



The theater of the 27th edition of this historic event will be the historic Adolfo Consolini Athletics Field, 800 meters from the city center of Verona.


The 2021 edition program includes three Ultramarathon road races: the classic 24 hours, the 6 hours in the afternoon and the 12 hours at night.


We have identified a 1,500-meter circuit, which will allow athletes to pass on the new track named after the Olympian Adolfo Consolini.


The length and breadth of the circuit allow you to set a maximum total number of 500 members.


We recall that the 24-hour race was again nominated in 2020 by GSD Mombocar and by Fidal at the IAU to host the European championship in 2022, immediately after the forced cancellation in 2020 due to the pandemic.


If the IAU confirms the assignment of the European Championship to the 24-hour Ultramarathon in 2022, we plan to return to add the 24-12-6 x 1 hour Relay in the 2023 edition program. 2022.


















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